The Young European Ambassadors will be hosting an online guest lecture and Q&A on the Kharkiv School of Photography’s experience subverting ideology through art. The event will take place this Thursday, 13 July, at 7PM CET.

Guest speaker Oleksandra Osadcha is a visual art researcher, curator, and current board member of the Museum of the Kharkiv School of Photography. From 2017-2022 she was a senior lecturer at the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture. She will discuss the important role that the Kharkiv school of photography has played in the political and artistic history of Ukraine.

The lecture will cover the experimental techniques developed by Kharkiv photographers to test the limits of their art form in the face of state censorship. These techniques became known as the Kharkiv School of Photography, most vividly represented in the works of Ukrainian photographer Boris Mikhailov, now 84 years old. His most famous work ‘Case History’ covers the lives of struggling people in the aftermath of the collapse of the USSR.

The event is organized by Tanguy Martignolles, a Young European Ambassador, and is open to all.
Details on how to register are available here.

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