THE CAR features most wanted by Brits have been revealed, in a handy guide to help people hoping to sell their own used motors.

Help getting in and out of parking spaces appears to be the major concern for drivers, according to a new study giving a steer to sellers on how their second-hand cars could lure potential buyers.

Drivers have revealed the tech and features they prize the most when buying a car


Drivers have revealed the tech and features they prize the most when buying a carcredit: Getty

Parking sensors top most motorists’ wishlists, the AA Cars survey of 13,000 Brits found – while built-in sat navs and and heated windscreens are also seen as a must-have by many.

And almost a quarter of drivers still want CD players on the dashboard, despite most new cars going without and offering music streaming tech instead.

While parking sensors are the most popular, deemed a non-negotiable by six out of ten people polled, rear-view and all-round cameras also make the top ten – suggesting many struggles maneuvering in and out of spaces or parallel-parking.

A built-in sat nav is the next most prized, demanded by 57 per cent, followed by 53 per cent wanting heated windscreens which help speed up defrosting on ice-cold days.

Drivers are only realizing the proper way to use sun visors in their cars
I'm a driving expert - drivers forget the button which makes AC work faster

Some 48 per cent of drivers wanted USB charging and 47 per cent Bluetooth connectivity.

Yet more retro tech, CD players, were judged a necessity for 24 per cent of motorists – despite modern systems such as Apple Car Play and Android Auto syncing songs, albums and playlists from mobile phones to cars.

Yet there was a clear age divide here, with CD players demanded by 26 per cent of over-55s – yet just 13 per cent of those aged 18 to 34, who instead highlighted Bluetooth connectivity as their top priority with 66 per cent in favour.

Sixth-most popular overall was a rear-view camera, on 41 per cent, followed by all-round parking cameras on 38 per cent, cruise control 33 per cent, heated seats 28 per cent and a cup-holder 25 per cent.

Mark Oakley, director at the AA’s car sales website, says many of these “must-have” features used to be premium-priced options but have now come standard fit in many new models.

He said: “As more nearly-new vehicles make their way onto the second-hand market, formerly top-of-the-range tech like parking cameras is becoming increasingly accessible.”

Yet he urged people not to be “dazzled by gadgets” when browsing the second-hand market – and instead scrutinize a vehicle’s history while making sure it has been well-maintained and regularly serviced.

He warned: “Skipping your due diligence when buying a car increases the risk you will miss a serious problem that ends up costing you money down the road.

“If you’re not a mechanical expert, it is always worth booking a professional, impartial vehicle inspection to check the car thoroughly and ensure everything is working as it should.”

Despite the new “must-have” list, another poll has suggested many drivers are increasingly confused by the new features being added to cars – feeling “overwhelmed” by the new technical capabilities.

Meanwhile, the average values ​​for used cars have jumped by some nine per cent from £14,000 to £15,270, Auto Trader figures shared exclusively with The Sun recently revealed.

The best places in the UK to buy second-hand cars have been ranked, including specific towns and cities in Kent, Yorkshire and Essex.

And motoring experts have just revealed the most and least dependable used cars.

10 most desirable car features

Parking sensors, 60 per cent

Sat nav, 57 per cent

Heated windscreen, 53 per cent

USB charging, 48 per cent

Bluetooth connectivity, 47 per cent

Rear-view camera, 41 per cent

Parking cameras, 38 per cent

Cruise control, 33 per cent

Heated seats, 28 per cent

Cup-holders, 25 per cent

Equipment that helps with parking appears to be a must-have for most motorists


Equipment that helps with parking appears to be a must-have for most motoristscredit: Getty

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