NB photography exhibition ‘FEM’ highlights unique ‘lens on life’

May 21, 2023 0 Comments

Four female photographers from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design are exhibiting a snapshot for their individual lens on life in their photography exhibition, FEM.

“It’s been very empowering,” said Grace Hallewell. “It’s been so nice really to bring our class together to officially go to the world and be like, ‘This is us.’”

“We’ve been doing this altogether for the past two years now, so being able to have an exhibition just for us has been so special,” she said.

The class had a chance to show off their unique perspectives.

“I really got into the mood of realizing where superstitions come from,” said Ivy Grenier.

Her pop-art style photos juxtapose superstitions against bright background colors.

“What their moods are and how we interact with them on a daily basis, and even if you are superstitious or not, you are constantly cautioned throughout your life,” Grenier said.

Each student presented a series of thematic photographs.

“As I’ve been growing up, I’ve realized more and more people around me are dealing with chronic pain,” Hallewell said. “Just things that people don’t understand, but people often say they relate or almost diminish the scale of it by being like, ‘Oh, everyone has that,’” she said.

Hallewell’s work features black and white photographs with pain described in the subject’s own handwriting.

Miriam Torres Lopez works in self portraiture in a variety of styles.

“Photography is a very powerful tool,” said Torres Lopez. “It can be used for a lot of things to express yourself, to dream, to give a message, to protest. Photography is a very powerful tool.”

The show caught the eye of New Brunswick’s Lieutenant Governor, who purchased a piece to hang in her office.

“She’s a champion for female rights and equality,” Torres Lopez said. “I was very happy that she wanted that piece in particular. It’s called ‘Don’t Call me Victim’ and it could not be in a better place.”

Visitors can check out the photography exhibition FEM in the Charlotte Street Arts Center in Fredericton until Sunday.

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