Happy birthday Sir Mick! Photo exhibition celebrating 80 years of Jagger

July 21, 2023 0 Comments

As the legendary Rolling Stones frontman marks a significant milestone, La Galerie de L’instant in Nice commemorates his six-decade long career with a photography show.

In news that’s likely to make everyone feel old, Sir Mick Jagger will turn 80 on 26 July.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the founding member of the Rolling Stones was significantly younger, especially if you’ve seen him perform with his legendary, seemingly boundless energy.

As part of the birthday celebrations, La Galerie de L’instant in Nice is set to commemorate Jagger’s six-decade long career at a new exhibition.

He’s certainly timeless, so it’s rather fitting that the show is called ‘Time is on my Side’.

Since the 1960s, Jagger has embodied the archetypal rock star, so it makes sense the photography show begins its focus in that decade.

Featured are images of a very young Jagger by top photographers like Terry O’Neill, Dominique TarlĂ© and Gered Mankowitz, taken mostly in London, the city where the Stones first found fame.

In the 1970s, the band’s popularity went from strength to strength, with worldwide tours in a branded Rolling Stones plane called the Starship.

The ’70s also saw Jagger’s marriage to Nicaraguan actor Bianca, who broke wedding tradition in the most iconic way possible – by wearing a white suit and huge hat.

Also featured are images from Jagger’s glam rock era in the 1980s. Pictured alongside his longtime partner, supermodel Jerry Hall and performing as the frontman of arguably the most popular rock band of all time, the photos are a feast for the eyes.

The exhibition runs until 1 October at La Galerie de L’instant, 58 Rue Gioffredo, Nice.

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