If you’re searching London for a commercial photo studio, here are three reasons to choose Blend.

  1. Our team is small, friendly, and adaptable. You can send us your stuff to photograph – or you can attend the shoot and be as fussy as you like.
  2. The commercial photographers in our London studio have impeccable credentials. Having worked on shoots for Debenhams, ASOS and The Body Shop, they know how to get the best angle on anything.
  3. The results speak for themselves. You can see a few of our favorites on the website – ranging from graphic product compilations to fashion editorials and gorgeous cosmetics shots. Ask if you want more.

Ready to upgrade your visuals? Want to see if better commercial photography can increase your audience and sales? Set us a challenge. Our commercial photographer at Blend Studios London is waiting to receive your brief.


  • Top-end product photography. For new launches and relaunches, new collections and a fresh spin on old ones. You need Blend to transform your product or pack shots into irresistible eye-candy.
  • Go wild. If you want a commercial photographer with a fresh outlook, a modern, graphic-style image, or arresting lighting – reach out. We love creating something that nobody’s seen before. We love working with art directors and marketing gurus. Let’s go off-grid.
  • Retouching shots – we do this in-house, whether to enhance details, correct colors, or add a creative twist. Your shots will be sharp and easy to use in print and online. They’ll be delivered in the format you need for your application.
  • Hey, wait! We can also turn your images into attention-grabbing GIFs. Perfect for growing your social media audience (they’ll love a shareable GIF). Fancy seeing peas popping out of the bag, or a parade of handbags? Think of your own ideas, or ask us for suggestions.


All that work developing an amazing product, only to take a quick snap and shove it onto the internet? That would be a bit like cooking dinner from scratch and then eating it from the dog’s bowl.

Yes, you could hand out your new product to online influencers, who might take some lovely pictures. What about taking your own shots with a big piece of white card and a HuaWei?

None of these options replace real, professional commercial photography. In the long-term, it’s worth investing in a professional brand image right from the start. We argue (and most successful brands agree) there’s still immense value in professional shots. Here’s what our photographer thinks you’ll get for your money. A proper product launch deserves proper, creative and well-executed imagery – don’t disappoint your audience with DIY work. We’re confident that you’ll be utterly delighted with your Blend portfolio. Our sensational product shots are worth their weight in sales.


An experienced commercial photographer is a real asset to your brand. Blend Studios has always specialized in pack shots and commercial photography. Our photographers understand how to design lighting that will render your product in a crisp, fresh likeness. We understand the importance of capturing detail and color (so that the end user is delighted with the product) and we’ll make sure we don’t miss a trick, photographing the product from every angle. Consistency is vital across your commercial photography, and we can make sure that the shots look just as good from one season to the next.

Of course, you may be looking for something radical. If your marketing department has more creative aspirations for your photography, you need to speak out to Blend. Our work in the cosmetics, fashion and perfume industries has demonstrated our knack for creating imagery that’s exciting and unexpected. If you want a knockout image for your landing page, call the studio.


  • We love a creative challenge. Let us think outside the regular product shots and explore some ideas with you.
  • As well as products we can photograph you or your influencers, including behind-the-scenes shots
  • Props? Ask for advice or bring your own – the possibilities are endless.
  • Need models? We can book them if you brief us on brand and audience.
  • Ask our technical team for advice on bringing your product to life – a perfume being sprayed, a food being served, a drink being poured.


Blend is based in North London. Are you near? great. Call us any time to book a shoot in our commercial photography studio. A bit further away? That’s cool – you might want to travel down for the first shoot but, after that, we are adequately equipped to unpack and shoot new products on your behalf. It’s an efficient and simple way to obtain shots of your latest stock, especially if you make frequent updates.

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