All it takes is a shake of the head for a moose to shed its antlers.

Wildlife enthusiast Derek Keith Burgoyne captured the moment of a moose in New Brunswick, Canada, decided to drop its massive antlers for the year.

Moose shed, or cast, their antlers annually, after the fall breeding season, according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service. This usually happens in the wintertime, as a decrease in daylight triggers lower testosterone production in moose, which loosens their antlers.

Since this dramatic transformation only happens once a year, it is rare to capture the moment on camera. Burgoyne got lucky on January 12 while visiting Plaster Rock when he spotted three bull moose in the snowy forest — two who had already dropped their antlers and one with its antlers still intact.

Burgoyne told Storyful that he started filming the three moose with his drone camera as the animals walked through the woods. During the moose’s stroll, the animal with intact antlers paused and decided to drop them.

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In the clip Burgoyne’s drone is captured, the moose does a full-body wiggle before giving his head a good shake, at which point the animal’s two massive antlers drop to the ground. The moose runs off after shedding the accessories.

moose sheds antlers

moose sheds antlers

Burgoyne, who has captured footage of a moose shedding its antlers once before, said that this most recent encounter was more memorable and rarer than the last since this moose dropped both of its antlers at once. It is common for bull moose to shed each antler separately.

“I consider this winning the lottery when it comes to filming wildlife,” Burgoyne said of recording the moment on camera. “A bull can shed one antler and carry the other side for days or even weeks. So to capture both antlers shedding at the exact time is extremely rare! Once-in-a-lifetime moment!”

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In December, a different lucky animal lover captured footage of a moose dropping both antlers simultaneously. This time the moment was recorded on a Ring doorbell camera.

The family who owned the doorbell camera shared the video on TikTok, writing: “Moose shedding BOTH antlers caught on doorbell camera.” The moment became a viral hit, garnering 2.7 million likes and over 20 million views.

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